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the technology

The technical data of the webcam are quickly told: it is a Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 connected to a mini-computer called SheevaPlug. The data is stored on an external Western Digital HD.
Sheeva runs on Debian Linux - wheezy since february 2015 - and the web server is:

Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)

I divested the cameras lense and screwed in a mini telephoto with a M12 screw mount as replacement. Thus, the nest about 25m away, it moves into reach, though the picture is slightly darker than with the original lense. But you can't have everything when your network camera is custom made ;-)

The final push to build the stuff on myself, came:

first out of my wallet,
secondly, the idea that a Web server could do more,
third from the Webcam Kiel,
and fourth from the unfortunately discontnued site

For advice, help and suggestions my thanks go to these folks!

Details may be found in my blog.