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Donate? Why that?

In february 2011 a further stork nest was placed on the roof of our house. According to Dr. Alfons R. Bense the chance for acceptance is much higher, because it is higher and 10m further away than the first nest on the barn.
Even if it is likely - thanks to hardware donations - that this second nest will be 'provided' with a camera, this won't be the best solution, because its optic axis is below the nest. Due to this no pictures of small nestlings will be seen.

In the long term a few things are needed:

1. At first a properly grounded camera mast with the required lightning protection.
2. The roof needs a hatch for easily servicing the nest and the camera. If someone has lying around something like that: bring it on! :-)
3. Safety precautions for us climbing on the roof while servicing nest and camera. So either a belt, ropes and hooks, or a solid platform.
4. More upload bandwidth, not only for the second nest but to incease the framerate at all.

So on one hand I want to call for financial support. All the money reaching me using the 'donate button' will be used fully transparent only for Storchencam Bierde.

On the other hand donations of hardware are welcome. Please contact me for further details and information. And please be aware: No cheese sandwiches for the poor admin who bolts the camera to the mast ;-)

A big thanks to all those who are willing to send something to Storchencam Bierde! After receiving the donation every (sic!) donor will be mentioned on the donor page.