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Hausstorch Scheunenstorch


                       Jun. 26th: 6 hatched and safe, 2 eggs left without life in them
                       Jun. 26th: They are hatching! At least 4, and 3 are safe on the ground
                       Jun. 3rd: at least 8 eggs
                       Jun. 3rd: the nest cam will be replaced on the next opportunity
                       Jun. 1st: at least 6 laid eggs :-)
                       May 26th: massive camera problems
                       May 24th: 4 eggs! Hatching expected around June 22nd
                       May 23rd: The Nile gooses seemingly want to breed. At least a bit of life on the roof :-)
                       Apr. 16th: 2nd visit
                       Apr. 6th: The first visit this year. Finally!
                       Mar. 28th: Already 49 pairs of storks! Yeah!
                       Feb. 9th: 18 storks already here!
                       Feb. 6th: Housekeeping around 1.00 pm
                       Feb. 5th: Yearly housekeeping this weekend.
                       Feb. 5th: Welcome to the new season 2016!